The excitement builds.

January 6, 2023

We cant wait! On February 11 we plan to add one of these cute boys to the Coppershot gang. These puppies are the result of a breeding between Autumn Rush's Keeper and our Coppershot's Runnin the Prairie Beau. If you were following us on Facebook last year you may remember Curt who was loved by many of our Facebook followers. Although not from the same litter these four are Curt's brothers. We have high hopes again for this litter. Kory, Sarah and their children do a great job of raising and socializing the Autumn Rush litters. Stay tuned. We will post videos when this little guy is initiated into the Coppershot Kennel.

Welcome to 2023

January 1, 2023

It's cold but, there is much happening at Coppershot Kennels this year. We have three litters currently planned. Devo/Jenta puppies are due the first week of February. We plan a Beau/Dasha breeding in February as well as a Paisley/Finn, to take place somewhere in AZ in February. Paisley has been working trained retrieve since mid-December and is doing well. Iggy continues to work blind retrieves so that she can accomplish a (4) duck search this summer. Beau and Lexie guided a Pheasants Forever Youth hunt in Plymouth County. Beau and Iggy guided a Ladies hunt with the Clay Coumnty Pheasants Forever. All the dogs spent time guiding this fall at Royal Flush Hunting Lodge by Aberdeen SD. It was good for all of us. Troy had a ball introducing many first time pheasant hunters to the joy of hunting over a well trained pointer and the dogs got to show off the Coppershot line.

I guarantee that if Iggy could talk she would tell us that her best day ever was participating in a European driven hunt. That little dynamo easily retrieved 30+ roosters during a 45 minute hunt. Everytime she delivered a pheasant she would look me in the eye as if to say, "You cant believe how great this is!" Then take off to make another retrieve.